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Have you ever had a constant issue with your building roof leaking? Look no further…. AWS has the best solution for you. Have a read through this blog and you will have more of an understanding of what I mean…

AWS have worked alongside the Epworth Hospital for many years and have developed a strong relationship. Our client approached us earlier this year seeking help with their rooftop and what the best solution would be to rectify their leaking issues. After discussions between companies the solution was to spray the roof with Polyurea. This solution was going to rectify the leaks and protect the Epworths assets!

The works are now underway and progressing well. As you can see from the pictures below the roof membrane is quote weathered (Torch-On).


Previously Torch-on was the go to material for rooftops. Torch-on is a heavy duty form of waterproofing, it’s a thick bitumen which enables heavy traffic & UV rays dont damage the membrane.

Polyurea is now the go to membrane for rooftops plus many more structures that are needing protection (Once only available to the mining and water treatment industries). Polyurea is faster to apply and dries within 30 seconds. this application is most cost effective for businesses.

The technicians at AWS were to remove the existing membrane, grind it back to the concrete substrate. See below:-

Polyurea membrane waterproofing

An Epoxy primer was applied to the concrete to give better adhesion and to prevent bubbling and pinholes once the polyurea coat has been applied.

The polyurea is then applied along with a top coat. (AWS have the highest quality application equipment to ensure jobs run smoothly).

Polyurea membrane waterproofing

The leaks at the Epworth were causing the mainterance/engineering team havoc, now that the roof is sprayed and complete this team can breath easy. These guys won’t have to worry about another leak in their lifetime!! Yes our work is guaranteed and most of our products have a warranty period of 50 years.

AWS were able to finish this job in the given time frame to the exacting specifications given.

Jump on our website for more pictures and information on all your waterproofing needs. If you would like to speak to our sales representatives call us on 1300665325 /

Polyurea membrane waterproofing

Bridge Repairs and Maintenance

In June of 2015, AWS Services performed major maintenance and repairs on the City of Melbourne’s Southbank pedestrian bridge which links Flinders Station and Southbank Promenade.

Our expertise covers the full scope of bridge management services including guardrails, culverts, stormwater – both inspections and repairs. At AWS our team responds quickly to service requests – proactively minimising any potential issues and helping services resume to normal operation as soon as possible.  We adapt our services to match your bridge maintenance/repair and deadline needs.

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Water Intrusion: A Property Time Bomb

Water Intrusion: A Property Time Bomb

When there’s excessive moisture present, mould and mildew growth, timber rot and structural damage are soon to follow.

Whether it’s attributed to moisture penetration through the wall cavity, rising damp or condensation due to lack of ventilation, dampness on interior walls can cause a wide array of problems for your commercial property.  Unless moisture is immediately visible on interior walls or surfaces, it can also be difficult for a non-expert to detect until damage occurs.

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Polyurea – An Industrial, High Performance Option

Polyurea – An Industrial, High Performance Option

Polyurea is a spray-applied protective coating that can be used as a waterproof membrane, protective coating, thermal barrier, rust preventative, structural enhancer, an acoustic barrier and a chemical resistant coating. Polyurea is seamless, it contains no solvents or VOCs  and it is low odour.

At AWS Services, we engineer aesthetically-pleasing, environmentally compliant and high performance polyurea systems to suit virtually every application.
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Why use AWS

AWS is accredited with most of the major manufacturers in Australia, our technicians are the best in the industry, we are consistently training our team in order to stay ahead in technological advances in our industry, we strive not only to maintain our reputation but to continue to give you the client the service and attention you deserve. Through our constant searching for better ways to implement remedial, protective coatings and waterproofing applications both here and abroad AWS is able to offer you the service that will best suit your situation, we are committed to customer service and outcomes that won’t cost you the earth.