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Polyurethane is a recently developed unique technology for coating, sealing, joining and repair of virtually all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Polyurethane surface coating protects concrete surfaces from mechanical abrasion and chemical damage and on metal Polyurethane coating provides long-term corrosion protection.

Due to the fast application times and versatility of Polyurethane, it is ideal for use in many areas of construction and industry. Polyurethane has far superior adhesion properties compared to conventional coatings.

We have technicians who are specialists in the application of Polyurethane and we have the newest high-tech machinery specifically designed for this purpose.

Polyurethane can be made to any colour that you require, it can be rigid or flexible depending on your application needs and it is heat resistant.

Polyurethane is applied with heated high-pressure systems, enabling seamless and joint-less coatings and linings, applied at any thickness required.

Using specific primers Polyurethane adheres to virtually any rigid or porous surface even on complex or varying substrates.


  • Pipe lining
  • Retaining wall coatings
  • Waterproofing residential buildings and concrete pools
  • Sealing Water tanks
  • Industrial Floor and Wall coatings
  • Corrosion protection of metal structures
  • Protective coating for sewage treatment plants, drinking water and waste water tanks
  • Protective coatings for work and storage areas with high loads
  • Industrial coatings for power stations, mining, airports, refineries, pipelines, petrol stations
  • Linings for food industry cold stores
  • Concrete protection for car parks and underground garages
  • Shipbuilding- coating inside and outside
  • General impact protection, insulation and sound reduction
  • Parts wear coating and edge protection
  • Rooftops

The possible applications of Polyurethane are countless.