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Mechanical and Expansion Joints

Chosing the right mechanical or expansion joint is crucial in protecting your asset. In most cases a mechanical joint is there to accommodate for movement in the concrete structures; AWS have the expertise to advise on which system should be used in a particular area.

Latham strips is another system that helps to take the movement of concrete structures using a spring system. Combi joints and mechanical joints are used to ensure the structure has room to move with safety, making sure that it is not a hazard to anyone using the surface of the area by having a cover over the springs. In some cases where a movement joint has not been thought of, AWS can create a joint big enough to accommodate a latham strip or mechanical joint.

Expansion Joints

AWS Services can install an expansion joint or movement joint that will safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, absorb vibration, hold parts together, and allow movement due to ground settlement or natural building movements.

Building faces, concrete slabs, and pipelines expand and contract due to warming and cooling from seasonal variation, or due to other heat sources. AWS Services can repair cracked structures and add expansion joints to existing structures.

Expansion joints works

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