Polyurea is a spray-applied protective coating that can be used as a waterproof membrane, protective coating, thermal barrier, rust preventative, structural enhancer, an acoustic barrier and a chemical resistant coating. Polyurea is seamless, it contains no solvents or VOCs  and it is low odour.

At AWS Services, we engineer aesthetically-pleasing, environmentally compliant and high performance polyurea systems to suit virtually every application.

Polyurea - An Industrial, High Performance Option

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Compared to epoxy coatings and urethane coatings, polyurea coatings are of superior durability and high performance. They typically have 90% more flexibility than epoxies therefore allowing for natural concrete movement that will not crack or peel. Additionally, polyurea is fast-drying (surface dries within 1 minute), puncture resistant, weather resistant. resistant to chemicals and a variety of colours are available.

AWS Polyurea Uses
Tank Linings
Concrete Coatings
Hopper Car Linings
Secondary Containment Area’s
Fuel storage
Waste Water Storage
Sugar Storage
Nuclear Power Stations
Pipe Line Coatings
Geotextile Linings
Roof Coverings
Bridge Deck Waterproofing
Silo Storage Linings
Ballistic Applications
Car Park Decks
Green Roofs
Fire Protection
Anti slip flooring
Steel Corrosion Protection
Swimming Pools
Reservoir lining
Desalination Plants
Mining Equipment Protection
Joint Fill
Marine Coatings
Truck Bed Liners
Water Parks
Railway Coatings
Automotive Undercoating


Polyurea Coatings and linings are increasingly being used to protect steel pipes from corrosion. Polyurea has demonstrated its ability to last longer than paint and maintenance services and costs are reduced. Polyurea is a great protective coating system for pipes that are insulated with polyurethane foam. Polyureas are also being used to line the inside of water and sewer pipes for infrastructure rehabilitation work. Polyurea is resistant to many fuels and chemicals. It is commonly used in fuel pits and pipeline secondary containment.

Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment and the use of compatible primers is required.

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