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Precision Grouting and Resin Grouting Services

We perform precision grouting and resin grouting and other ground stabilization work in a broad spectrum of mining, and construction. Precision grouting fills the gap underneath base plates helping to distribute loads evenly over a larger area. Precision grouting helps to maintain the long term structural integrity of large equipment and property.

Precision Grout is a unique blend of cements formulated to compensate for shrinkage combined with special mineral aggregates to allow controlled expansion with maximum strength. We perform precision grouting for:

  • Filling voids in poured-in-place concrete as a bedding material underneath tilt up & precast panels, beams & columns
  • Use to set heavy equipment & machinery base plates
  • Use to anchor bolts, dowels & reinforcing bars, as well as patching & caulking concrete pipe

Resin Grout is applied as a two component system consisting of epoxy resin, combined with inert fillers & the hardener to produce a high thickness flowable liquid grout. We perform Resin grouting for:

  • Machinery with high dynamic loads & vibration
  • Backing of steel liners of ore crushing machinery in mines & quarries
  • In corrosive environments where chemicals, oils & solvents make cemintitious grouts unsuitable
  • Production line equipment that must resume operations with minimum downtime
  • Machinery base plates, crane rails, anchor bolts, hold down bolts & heavy equipment where tensile strength greater than cementitious systems can provide are required

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