When there’s excessive moisture present, mould and mildew growth, timber rot and structural damage are soon to follow.

Whether it’s attributed to moisture penetration through the wall cavity, rising damp or condensation due to lack of ventilation, dampness on interior walls can cause a wide array of problems for your commercial property.  Unless moisture is immediately visible on interior walls or surfaces, it can also be difficult for a non-expert to detect until damage occurs.

Often, though, the signs of excessive moisture and moisture penetration are most apparent in areas where you may have no cause to look. As a result, hidden damage continues to grow worse, unabated, until it reaches a quite serious point.

This is where working with a qualified, professional building inspector can take the guesswork out of protecting your home from moisture penetration and related damage. With a detailed building inspection report, you’re able to learn more about areas where moisture penetration is already an issue, or could become a problem in the future. By catching issues before they worsen, or before they actually start to cause damage, you’re able to better protect your investment.

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