AWS specialises in both onsite and offsite sandblasting and abrasive blasting. Blasting is the process of which an abrasive material is accelerated through a blast nozzle & large hose by means of compressed air. It can be a light, medium or heavy blast depending what is required.

We provide our expert services throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our commitment to providing a professional service ensures that all surfaces can be effectively restored. We use a range of different abrasives, combined with compressed air to meet your required finish on various materials.

There are few different materials that can be used for blasting. We prefer to use garnet. Garnet is environmentally friendly & very effective. So, it is safe to use anywhere, it is nontoxic & won’t contaminate water ways. It can be used for wet or dry blasting.

Sandblasting is used in a wide range of areas in different industries:

  • Paint stripping
  • Graffiti removal
  • Marine restoration
  • Interior surface restoration
  • Stone and brick restoration
  • Rust removal
  • Line marking removal

Whether removing paint, stains, grime or graffiti from the designated surface, our team are equipped with the tools and equipment that ensure the surface is left cleaned. We can conduct samples on a specific area to assess what the best method will be for the surface.

Please give us a call. If it’s just for advice or a no obligation quote,  AWS will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.