The use of protective coatings within the maritime environment is essential for the protection of very expensive assets. From boat linings to jetty maintenance, AWS can help you resolve and maintain your asset.

  • Fishing boat holds
  • Jetty/Dock protection
  • Floating dock coatings
  • Protect saltwater ballast tanks on ships
  • Rust encapsulation on barges and tanks
  • Boat hull protection
  • To restore pilings above and below water line


Pile wrapping is essential in the protection of any jetty, dock or pier structure. There are many pile wrapping systems available in the market, the most important aspect of pile wrapping is the water tightness of the system. Once corrosion occurs within the reo bars then spalling will follow shortly after. Most pile wrapping systems are petroleum based which help to prevent interaction with water.

From the correct gaskets to anodes installation, AWS can recommend and install the correct system for you.