Polyurethane membranes are a popular choice due to the many uses of this membrane, it can be applied on various substrates for instance; concrete, cement sheeting and roof tops. Polyurethane has extremely good flexible qualities, the seamless factor makes it an attractive choice in areas with a lot of movement.

Polyurethane membranes can be rolled in a traditional sense or it can be sprayed with a high-pressure spray machine. The sprayed application can dry depending on ambient weather conditions in approximately 25 seconds. In a 20 degrees environment the product is trafficable within 24 hours, depending on the type of membrane it may require a top coat to protect against UV rays.


AWS supply and install the best waterproofing membranes for the situation at hand, each situation is different in regard to what membrane we use or recommend you use on your project. AWS carries a large variety of membranes, as we believe that no membrane can be used in every situation.

AWS has a large range of acrylic membranes available to suit many different applications and environments. Joints are caulked, and bonding tape used on all expansion joints to ensure the membrane performs to its desired effect. Membrane failures occur most commonly when the application is not given the proper attention needed to ensure no leaking happens.

At AWS all technicians are trained to identify problem areas and to apply the proper procedure to each situation to ensure the job is done right the first time. AWS has its own spot check system in place, so we can assure the best outcome for all our projects and peace of mind to the end user of the structure.


Bentonite waterproofing combines the active waterproofing benefits of sodium bentonite with the strength and durability of a thick geomembrane liner.

Unlike other membrane systems that require precise installation, a reactive bentonite compound can expand to seal small punctures in the membrane.

Bentonite works by forming a continuous membrane upon hydration with water. When confined under pressure, the swell is controlled, forming a dense, positive seal against the concrete.


AWS supply and apply all types of torch applied sheet membranes including mineral or straight 1-layer.

With torch applied membranes, the most common failures is the detailing of penetrations and the overlapping of edges, at AWS we ensure the area is primed and each detail is looked at prior to applying the membrane. Torch applied is a heavy-duty form of waterproofing, typical in retaining applications and blinder applications as it is a thick bitumen material that enables heavy traffic & UV rays don’t damage the membrane.

AWS also specializes in PVC, heat welded sheet membranes typical in internal commercial plant rooms and mechanical applications.


Self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes provide a simple peel-and-stick application. These membranes are ideal for use in the tunnel sector; industrial plants, shopping centre rooftops and below-grade work in commercial construction.

Application Advantages:
Self-adhered membranes offer several initial advantages. First and foremost, they appear to address the current safety and environmental issues. The application of these sheets is completed with no heat and no fumes, which makes them relatively safe to apply. They are also environmentally friendly because there are no volatile organic compounds in the material.


PVC is one of the most durable waterproofing options. It is a product that has proven it can serve its purpose for a longer period of time without need for replacement.

PVC is one of the most durable waterproofing options. It is a product that has proven it can serve its purpose for a longer period of time without need for replacement.

PVC membranes offer many other benefits including:

  • Good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance inherently fire resistant
  • Highly puncture and impact resistant
  • Easy to repair
  • Proven durability against rooftop soiling and contamination Installation friendly and installed by a variety of attachment methods
  • Provides excellent visual feedback of workmanship during and after installation