Westfield Trusted Tradesmen

Westfield is one of our valued clients. AWS are the exclusively selected tradesmen for doing all Westfield’s protective coating, waterproofing and remedial services throughout Victoria.

We do appreciate if you can take some time to browse some of the projects we have recently completed for Westfield.

  • Roof Sealing Works at Westfield Doncaster

Project Type: Fixing existing leak to roof glass panels

Project Description: Removed existing flashing & sealants & installed a new sealing system. AWS Services designed and installed a waterproof flashing system to go between glass panels, which has solved a long standing problem for Westfield in Doncaster.

Expansion Joints at Westfield Fountain Gate

Project Type: Installing & repairing Expansion Joints at Westfield Fountain Gate

Project Description: AWS has created a system whereby the existing expansion joints do not need to be removed, the combi joint is left in place and a high strength coating is sprayed over the existing combi joint giving it extra strength and waterproofing the joint.

Line Marking at Westfield Knox

Project type: painting pedestrian crossings

Project description: existing pedestrian crossings at Westfield Knox have faded with time. Our specialists refurbished the pedestrian lanes , pressure washed the surface, and applied glass filled coating to give all these areas brand new crossings.

Expansion Joints at Westfield Doncaster

Project Type: Expansion Joints Replacement

Project Description: AWS was engaged to sort out an existing problem at Woolworths Doncaster which had been an issue for years. Through concrete x-raying and water testing we were able to determine that this was the site of an old escalator which was not evident with the current structure. With a solution that was designed by AWS we cut back the concrete and with a combination of combi joint, construction grout and polyurea membrane we were able to once and for all solve the problem.

Commercial Roof Repair at Westfield Airport West

Project type: Roof Penetration Sealing

Project Description: AWS inspected the roof above Kmart and found several water damages. Then we caulk and seal around all penetrations on the roof with new sealing system.